Property Managers: 

Are you looking to streamline your routine inspections and save money?

Property Inspectors Australia (PIA) specialise in executing routine tenanted property inspections for Property Managers. We take the hassle, time and admin off your plate to allow you to focus on more important things! 

We assist Property Managers:

  • Introduce scale, flexibility, and cost savings to your Property Management (PM) book.
  • Reliably and consistently perform routine inspections now, and into the future – in short make your life easier!
  • Allow PMs focus on value add activity with your landlords and investors.
  • Save costs, increase margins, add to enterprise value of your business.
  • Outsource to experienced routine inspectors familiar with your needs, and your investors needs.
  • Quickly adjust your resourcing to rent roll acquisitions and sales.
  • We are software agnostic – we use the software you need us to.
  • Pricing is tailored client by client based on volume.  Contact us for a quote today.  

Inspections - what is included?

  • Is the tenant caring for / presenting the property well?
  • Is there any damage or items to be repaired?
  • Are there any maintenance to be carried out?
  • Is the property compliant to regulations / legislation?
  • Is there evidence of pets?
  • If applicable, what is the condition of the strata complex facilities?
  • Items for attention will be specifically photographed and noted.
  • PIA takes as many photos as necessary. For a routine inspections its likely 10+ photos, & 100+ for entry / exit inspections.

Tenant Engagement:

  • PIA complete all the Entry notices, with return tenant communications directed back to the PM.
  • PIA can present independently as PIA or with your branding and calling cards.
  • We communicate via email with tenant as PIA or as your brand via your nominated generic email address.  

The Process:

  • We tailor our process to fit with your business. However as a starting point;
  • One month ahead, PM sends PIA their list of inspections for the following month.
  • PIA collates a proposed inspection schedule for the PM to approve, grouped geographically.
  • Three weeks out PIA sends Entry notice to tenants, all return correspondence directed back to PM.
  • On the Inspection day(s), PIA Inspector picks up the keys from the PM, and returns them at the end of the day.
  • PIA use our own ipads to access your preferred inspection software, and complete reporting digitally or via PDF report as per your preference.
  • A weekly summary is sent to the PM including inspections completed / cancelled, and action items from any of these inspections.
Gold Coast,  Australia